NetCompS was established in 1996 and has gone from strength to strength. Offering quality service to the commercial and home computer user has always been our goal.

In April 2004 NetCompS opened its first commercial premises in Prestwick and with many new customers and support from existing customers this has been a success. With an express bus route to Glasgow less than a minute from our branch and two train stations within 10 minutes walk and an International airport next door we have unparalleled transport links and this ensures that NCS can give a greater degree of support to the PC market and its own growing customer base.

During October 2015 NetCompS expanded into the front of the premises to almost double our floor space and give us a full shop front. This allowed us to increase our workshops and help us reduce our lead time to help our customers get their machines back quicker. It also meant we could increase our stock lines giving greater support to public and commercial customers.

NCS offers phone backup to support hardware and software problems to existing customers as part of our after-care service. With an extensive and up-to-date knowledge of the PC market and our customers needs we are making sure that our finger is on the pulse to keep you ahead of the rest.
* * * News * * * --- JUL 2017

It's been a good summer so far and we're just as busy.
After our short break we we will be back to closing at 5pm to try to get more machines finished in a week.

Our summer offer is closed now and it was a great success. Keep checking back here for any more offers..
Business customers can still contact us for discount and timing deals on servicing.

Our lead-time-to-bench is around 2 days just now and we are working to bring that down. Full turn around is around 7 days (depending on job)
We're seeing an increase in scam phone calls just now so please be wary of calls from your ISP or Bank.
Bring your computer in for a service. Keep us busy...We prefer it that way!

Our i740NCS system is doing very well and like it's predecessors it's a game changer. It's a another NCS PC that will suit everyone's computing needs and be great enough to lead the pack. We've built quite a few for gamers, Graphic Designers and for use with Solid Works and Virtual Reality.
Don't be seen without one.
With Windows 10 it's Your PC Your way!!

Call in to Prestwick for further details.

3pm WED 2nd AUG
10am FRI 11th AUG

Need a Driver or Info then let us know! (within reason).
This is YOUR site YOUR way

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