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In Store
NetCompS Terms and Conditions for in-store work.

Component upgrades :- These will be undertaken as the cost of the component plus a fitting charge. The fitting charge is levied on each individual component.

Diagnostic :- Some computer problems can be solved quickly and easily, others can be very time intensive and may require software or hardware to repair.
All diagnostics are accepted on a minimum fee of £70.00. This fee is for the initial check and may cover the full cost.
Hardware components are charged separately.
An additional fee may be required for some lengthier jobs.
If any further expense is required you will be contacted before continuing.

On ocassion a business may require a quick turn-around for repair. Under certain circumstances businesses can, for an additional £20.00, be put at the head of the queue to save time.

Custom Builds :- A deposit of no less than 60% is required. The start of any build will be controlled by NetCompS strict date and time queuing system and will take at least 5 working days (but no more than 10 working days) from starting to allow for the unit to be left running for 24 hours.

On completion of any work, a customer is requested to uplift their equipment within 5 working days of being contacted. Please see hours of business here

Any equipment not uplifted after 21 days will be charged at £5.00 per week (or part thereof) storage fee.
Any equipment not uplifted after 60 days will be deemed the property of NetCompS
NetCompS may then, at its discretion, re-use, re-sell or dispose of the equipment.


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