Custom Installation versus Easy Installation

Why use a Custom/Expert install instead of an Express/Quick install?

Often we hear customers say "I don't know how that got in, I don't remember installing anything", or "It just appeared one day and I don't know where it came from" Here's a possible reason this might appear true.

Many software companies obtain revenue by installing third party (other company) programs along side their own. Often the more reputable companies will let you know up front if there are additional programs being installed. Examples are - Avast's third party software is Google Chrome/Google Drive, Winzip's is adding the ASK toolbar and changing your start page to, Skype's is changing your search engine and your start page to Bing.

Often the more reputable software will give you 2 options :-
A "Quick" or "Express" install option or
A "Custom" or "Expert" install option.

Don't be put off by being offered a custom install by thinking "I wouldn't know what to do", why not look and see what it asks?

The simple install is offered because most people will select this as it's easier, giving the third party software a better chance of being installed. Sometimes these so-called extras can be used to change your internet startup page, add a toolbar to your browser or track your internet usage, to target adverts more suitable to you, or even collect information for mailling lists. In the worst cases they can leave your system open to intruders or spyware.

Giving you the option of each type of install is a good way of denying responsibilty for something you did not "ask" for. It can be argued that you were given the option because you selected one or other ways of installing their programs. It is therefore often a good idea to at least look at the "harder" options to see what is about to be altered in your computer.

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