Setting up an email account

If you use third party email (webmail) such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc then you can just read your email from their online service. Mainstream email should be collected with an email client (the program you use to collect your email) such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Eudora and others.

What you will need to know before continuing :-

Bit of tech :-

Usernames and Passwords

If you use a wireless router you may not be aware that the router connects to the Internet using a Username and Password assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Lot's of us don't know what these details are as they are set in the router. These are used to identify only you on the ISPs network. They are needed since there can be more than one connection at a time using the same line.
When you collect your email, from your ISP, you also need a Username and Password and these details are usually different to your connection details.
When you send email it is sent using you ISP's send server and when you receive email it is received using your ISP's receiving server. The send and receive servers usually have a different name and these are called server addresses.

You will need your Email Username and password (supplied by your ISP)
You will need your ISP's Email Server Addresses (You can look these up by searching on the Internet).

Now look in your email client. Find the "Help" option and search for "setting up an email account"

This section will be expanded to cover a full setup of email in the major email clients.

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